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Multi-point Scale Inhibitor Injection Package

April 24, 2023
Multi-point Scale Inhibitor Injection Package


Precision Pumping & Metering is a company that specialises in providing chemical injection systems for the oil and gas industry. They were recently awarded a contract to provide a multi-point scale inhibitor injection package for 9 wells in a major oil field. The project required the use of Yokogawa's Fluidcom valves with bi-directional monitoring and control.


The client was converting the platform to run un-manned. The challenge was to design and install a system that could effectively inject scale inhibitors at multiple points along the wellbore automatically and from a remote location.


Precision Pumping & Metering designed a system that consisted of nine injection points, each equipped with Yokogawa's Fluidcom valves. The valves were selected for their precise control and bi-directional monitoring capabilities, which allowed for accurate and reliable injection of the scale inhibitors.

The system was designed to be fully automated, with each injection point controlled the platforms DCS (Distributed Control System). The DCS provided real-time monitoring and control of the injection process, ensuring that the correct amount of inhibitor was injected at each point to ensure the effective scale inhibitor injection and preventing scaling issues.


The Precision Pumping and Metering multi-point scale inhibitor injection package will proved a highly effective solution in preventing scaling issues.. The use of Yokogawa's Fluidcom valves with bi-directional monitoring and control provided precise control and reliable operation, further enhancing the effectiveness of the system. The system will significantly reduction in scale build-up and maintenance costs, improving the overall efficiency of the wells. PPM continues to use Yokogawa's products in their projects, providing innovative and reliable solutions to the oil and gas industry

As a result of the client will be able to significantly reduce downtime and production losses due to scaling issues.


PPM's Multi-Point Scale Inhibitor Injection Package using Yokogawa's Fluidcom valve has provided a reliable and efficient solution for injecting scale inhibitors into multiple wells. The system met all safety standards and provided precise control over injection rates and pressures..

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