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Elevating Chemical Yard Operations in West Africa

December 13, 2023
Elevating Chemical Yard Operations in West Africa

In a significant stride toward operational excellence, PPM is thrilled to announce the imminent shipment of the first two out of four cutting-edge pump and filter skids to augment our client's chemical yard operations in West Africa.

Key Features:

  • Pump Powerhouses: The skids boast 2” Stainless Steel Graco air-driven pumps, ensuring robust and efficient pumping capabilities.
  • Filtration Mastery: Versatile Duty/Standby or Duty/Duty 3M stainless steel filter housings guarantee optimal filtration performance, enhancing the quality of chemical processes.
  • Mobility Redefined: Heavy-duty wheeled trolleys provide mobility and flexibility, catering to dynamic operational needs.
  • Safety First: Equipped with anti-static bonding for an additional layer of safety, meeting the highest industry standards.

These state-of-the-art skids epitomise our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, seamlessly integrating technology, safety, and industrial prowess.

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