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Custom-Built Triple Williams Air Driven Pump Skid

July 19, 2023
Custom-Built Triple Williams Air Driven Pump Skid

At PPM, we take pride in providing tailored solutions to our clients' unique challenges. Recently, we designed and built a bespoke hire skid for a specialist chemical manufacturing client. This triple Williams air driven pump skid features cutting-edge technology, including Coriolis flowmeters, pulsation dampers, backpressure regulators, and trace heating. It's the perfect choice for conducting chemical trials in the USA.

Our client sought a highly efficient and precise pumping system for on-site chemical trials. Off-the-shelf solutions couldn't meet their exact needs, so they turned to PPM for a customised solution.

Our team of experts meticulously designed the triple Williams air driven pump skid, considering every detail to ensure seamless chemical trials. The skid boasts key features:

  1. Triple Williams Air Driven Pumps: Reliable and efficient, these pumps ensure a steady and accurate chemical flow during trials.
  2. Coriolis Flowmeters: Precise measurement and control allow our client to make informed decisions based on accurate data.
  3. Pulsation Dampers: Minimise pressure fluctuations and vibrations for smooth and consistent chemical flow.
  4. Backpressure Regulators: Maintain constant pressure to optimise the process and minimise disruptions.
  5. Trace Heating: Stabilises the chemical at a set temperature, delivering reliable results throughout testing.

The skid is now ready for action and will soon head to the USA for extensive chemical trials. Our custom-built design and advanced features are expected to play a pivotal role in achieving our client's objectives with utmost precision.

At PPM, our dedication to delivering innovative and tailored solutions shines through every project. The triple Williams air driven pump skid exemplifies the essence of bespoke engineering. As it embarks on its journey to the USA, we are confident it will exceed expectations and showcase the power of tailored technology.

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